Questions and Answers about Social Bookmarking

What are social bookmarks?

Social bookmarks are a way of marking websites of interest and keeping them together in a library.

How can I start a social bookmark library?

Go to a bookmarking site such as Diigo or Delicious and set up an account.  Then, when you visit a site you would like to remember, click on your account button and bookmark that site.

How can I organize my bookmarks? 

Add tags to each bookmark with a subject that you would associate with that site in a search.  You will see all sites that have that tag when you search for subjects in your account.

Why is it called “social” bookmarks? 

“Social” refers to the fact that you can share your bookmarks with othesr and you can see other people’s bookmarks as well.  This is great for teachers who may teach the same grade level or subject.  They can look at each other’s bookmarks for good web resources to use in the classroom with out having to do an exhaustive internet search.


I recently started a Diigo account and was very pleased with the ease of bookmarking and tagging entries.  I now have easy access to websites with great resources to teach reading, math, science, and social studies.  I also have some sites that will be great for my students to use such as “Reading Bear,”  “H.I.P. Pocket Change,” and “Weather Wiz Kids.” On a personal side, I can see potential in using the site “Themeefy” which I bookmarked because I ran across a description of how it can help you organize web resources in a magazine format. It’s nice to know that I have a large library of sites at my fingertips to use and that I personally put them there!

If you would like to look at my Diigo library use the link below:

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